Inspector Gjelstad Looked Up The Stairs ...

Inspector Adam Gjelstad looked up the stairs and sniffed. The air hung thick with the smell of booze, bar fights, and scariest of all, Betty.

FriendFeed - wow, it's activity galore today

All it takes is an official launch telling the world that FriendFeed is out of beta and the friends, colleagues and partners all come rushing in.

Welcome aboard and add me to your friends list - miramarmike
And it's one feed to give to people - mine is

As I've said before it's a cracking product/service and one that I bet my shirt will grow and grow and grow. With Google implicitly behind it through ex-staffers I would also bet something (not my shirt, maybe a sock) that in the near-ish future it (but not necessarily "they") returns to the Googleplex and is incorporated into GMail, Calendar, Docs, Reader and ultimately into it's search offerings.

Check out using FriendFeed with:
[Updated] This is a great posting: 10 Ways to Get More Out of Friendfeed