Fathers time

Having the luxury (I work for it sonny!) of not being in an office on Thursday I get to spend oodles of time with my kids (4.5 and 2 - that's ages not names). Today was an extra special day as Jack went straight from Kindy to a mates house to be picked up by Liz after her last client.

Flickr: Summer around the house 2008 1I have Meg all day ... to myself.

It rocks!

At the moment (2pm) she's asleep* after an exciting day looking for a "Bardy ballit" (translation - Barbie Wallet) so that she can have somewhere to put her money (my money). She wanted a Bardy ballit because her brother's Beano Fan Club parcel turned up yesterday and he got a Beano wallet to store his money (my money).

And so far the day has been awesome barring the slight accident when she fell off the back seat of the bus when it screeched to a halt. Ooops.

It also gives me a little time to catch up on the feeds and this from JonnyB seems to fit the bill with this posting:
Sometimes you long for, say, Spud the Scarecrow to have an irreversible sex change, or to find work in an administrative capacity and say ‘actually, Bob – the pay’s better and I get to piss around playing solitaire on the PC all day’.

* picture isn't of her today!


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