E20: Kiwi Foo - sleep is so overrated

Kiwi Foo - sleep is so overrated
There are so many cracking write ups about Kiwi Foo that it's almost easier to just link to them - and I will after my wee review.

Kiwi Foo overall
Totally and amazingly cool.
The organisation was second to none (thanks Nat, Russel and Janine and to us all) and it's quite brilliant to watch how people just chip in. Also the infrastructure by Vern Dempster from the venue, Mahurangi College, was top notch - the amount of laptops (most with fruit on) using the WiFi was large but not unexpected. Vern is on the lookout for more Macs and so if you have decently new ones, like eMacs and G4s that you don’t need then email me and I'll pass it on.

I also have to thank Brenda and Sandy for taking me to/from the airport, putting my tent up (paid by me pumping up their airbed .... airbed, what a great idea) and for being around to smoke with me *cough*.

As for the quality of sessions, well, what can I say, they were all informative, collaborative and made me think. By 8pm on Saturday my favourite line was, "My brain is full" - but then I had another session to run so it couldn't be too full.

Oh, and the drinking, fire games, Werewolf ('til 4am) and mostly the meeting of brilliant people just adds to the experience. And I have to say the person that I am so glad I talked with was Dave ten Have from Ponoko - the passion, insightfulness and general around great guy-ness about him was infectious to the max and he was a great Auckland airport companion for a few hours.

Oh and ... oh and ... sorry, I keep thinking of so many moments - there were loads, thanks to all that made it a great time, on with the nuts-n-bolts.

Sessions I went to

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