The Holy Head Is Watching

With creaking and cracking heard throughout the room the Holy Head of Antelope turned upon all those gathered.Someone will die tonight.

My new blog - Enterprise 2.0 New Zealand style

I´ve been toying with the idea of moving the "work" postings out of MiramarMike for quite some time (proof). And now I have done it with the birth of Enterprise 2.0 New Zealand Style.

All of the information management, Web 2.0, wiki, RSS postings re being moved over and thatś where you´ll find new ones from now on. I´m still playing with the blog layout but in the spirit of agile development I am releasing early and often.

This blog will carry on being my personal blog where you´ll find postings one everything from funny videos, idiots on the bus and cross postings from the wellingtonista. In fact, everything that´s good about being Mike and won´t bore the pants off my wife.

Addresses for you to play with: