Saturday - Fronde Christmas Do

Flickr: At the Froscars (Fronde 2007 Christmas Do)Thursday and Friday had taken a lot out of me and after nearly falling asleep on the toilet in the morning (I had been Christmas shopping with the kids whilst Liz snoozed it up big time) you can imagine how relieved I was when we finally dropped Jack and Meg off at friends for a whole 24 hours of kid-free fun time at the Fronde "Froscars" night.

We checked into the hotel (along Oriental Parade, where Beckham stayed) to a small-ish room on the 3rd floor and so the view wasn't quite as wonderful as we'd hoped (nothing like the Khandallah flat view which was, I think, Liz's dream). Not that it mattered as I lay back on the bed with a red wine in my hand I let my eyes close for a few minutes. One and half hours later I woke up.

Clothes on and off for something cheap and cheerful to line the stomach. A great burger and a fine Guinness pie was had by us at Kitty's, along with a couple of pints of the black stuff to wash it all down. Nice.

Back to the hotel to tart ourselves up.
As the Christmas Do this year was 'Fronde Oscars" (Froscars ... geddit?!?) the invite said dress up as a movie star/character or put on your black tie and tails ... I did neither. I took my eye off the ball and never gave it a second thought until I came to pack in the morning.

I went all casual, jeans but with a hint of suit on top - it sort of worked.

Taxi to the do. The evening was OK, a film of nominees in such categories as "Office Flirt" and "Party Animal of the Year" which I was up for (didn't win, thank Christ). I was in because of the "Only Gay In The Village" malarkey at Adam's birthday bash.

Talked with some cool people, talked with some not-so-cool people (but not Sandy's Flintsone).
Oh, and had a grand time smoking Sue's ciggies - I owe her!

By 10pm Liz and I were off leaving the "wedding disco" to its finest work.

Into Mighty Mighty we went and Liz fell in love with the place. We positioned ourselves on a chaise lounge, people watched as we drank fine wine and listened to great live music.

Eventually we needed to head off (can't remember why, we just did) and ended up being directed to a "Negroni at Hawthorn Lounge with mandarin-infused gin" (winner of 2AWA Best Drink) by Tom ... very cool.

Home, crash and then the best - sleeeeeeep in!
Check out and brekkie at Scopa, last of the Christmas shopping sorted and pick up the kiddlie-winkles who'd had a fine time but were a little 'scratchy'. Played in the sun, kids asleep and write up the blog.

Night night!


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