KISS/Ozzy concert effects being created by Weta Workshop

I love this (fairly old) news that Weta Workshop, the effects company based in Miramar, is working on the effects for the mid-march 2008 concerts - the whole posting:
WETA BUG SCOOP: 19 Nov 07 You wont believe what we're working on at Weta this time! Special effects for the upcoming KISS concert here in NZ!

Last week, Capital C: Concerts announced it had signed the legendary group KISS, to perform in New Zealand. And this week, we can reveal that Weta Workshop will be working the gig, too!

Promoter Phil Sprey of Capital C: Concerts made the surprise announcement to an international group of entertainment investors over the weekend adding, “Being resident in Wellington, New Zealand is like living in the most creative spot on the planet. When we approached Richard and the team at Weta Workshop, they were very enthusiastic to add their design skills to the concepts we had in mind."

"The result on March 22 & 23 next year will be awesome - the Westpac Stadium will be transformed into a spectacular setting for the largest music festival of its kind ever in this country, possibly Australaisia”.

We will be adding special set effects to the double headed rock weekend and the public will soon be getting more ‘surprises’ as the other international bands are announced. Already the KISS announcement has seen a mountain of enquiries from the USA and UK arrive in Capital C’s NZ and US offices!

Keep posted to WetaHolics for updates!


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