For the love of everything useful, stop searching for Britney Spears people!

2007 Google ZeitgeistGoogle has it's 2007 Zeitgesit [defined] out and Britney Spears was NUMBER 3 'newsmaker' ... for lawds sake, stop doing searches for her ... YOU, right now, stop it!

These are nice, from the "Top of the mind" section:
Who is...

1. who is god
2. who is who
3. who is lookup
4. who is jesus
5. who is it
6. who is buckethead
7. who is calling
8. who is keppler
9. who is this
10. who is satan

What is...

1. what is love
2. what is autism
3. what is rss
4. what is lupus
5. what is sap
6. what is bluetooth
7. what is emo
8. what is java
9. what is hpv
10. what is gout

How to...

1. how to kiss
2. how to draw
3. how to knit
4. how to hack
5. how to dance
6. how to crochet
7. how to meditate
8. how to flirt
9. how to levitate
10. how to skateboard


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