The Chocolate Fish (Scorching Bay) IS moving. Closes on 31st December

[Updated] They no longer serve food so the "stripping out of the fixtures" has already begun. They are also selling "1997-2007" T-Shirts :-). Aaaand, they're staying in Scorching Bay (thanks to Rod for the heads-up) so there's gonna be a wee bit of rivalry going on :-)

This from the Save the Chocolate Fish Cafe Facebook group:
Sarah Wright (no network) wrote - at 3:23pm on November 21st, 2007
Thanks to everyone who has giving us support and positive comments. It's been a great 10 years in Scorching Bay.
Thanks especially to the WCC and Wgtn Tri-Club for coming to the party and (hopefully) providing us with a new site. It's a very exciting prospect and with the support of our fantastic council and the tri-club the Fish could very well be 'off the hook'.
We very much look forward to working with the tri-club in their venue.
We'll keep you posted!

Sarah Wright is the Chocolate Fish's co-owner.
I wonder how the old cafe will fare once it's no longer the Chocolate Fish

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Also, this from the Dom Post: Wellington's Chocolate Fish to wriggle off hook

DAVE BURGESS - The Dominion Post | Wednesday, 21 November 2007

The popular Chocolate Fish Cafe could stay in Wellington's Scorching Bay under plans that could see the area become a haven for coffee connoisseurs.

The rental agreement for the cafe ends on December 31 – but that may not be the end of the eatery after 10 years in the bay.

It is understood that negotiations are under way for the cafe to move into a city council pavilion on the waterfront.

The premises now occupied by the Chocolate Fish will house a new cafe, run by a business partnership and expected to open by the end of January.

The pavilion being considered as the Chocolate Fish's new home is leased from the council by the Wellington Triathlon and Multisport Club, which stores sports equipment there.

Cafe co-owner John Pennington said that, under the deal, the multisport club would become the cafe's landlord, and they would work in partnership.

"The place is no smaller than what we are using at the Chocolate Fish Cafe," he said, referring to the structure rather than the seating.

The cafe did not renew its lease for its current premises because of rising rent which peaked at $2000 a week.

Mr Pennington said all fixtures – including kitchen equipment – belonging to the cafe would be stripped when the doors closed for the last time. "It might be sour grapes, but we certainly won't make it possible for the cafe to open immediately when we leave."

However, a business partnership led by local Jan Johansson expects to open the new cafe quickly.

"It would only take a matter of weeks . . . by the end of January," he said.

To ensure Scorching Bay is not left without a food and drink outlet this summer, the council says it is likely to advertise for expressions of interest in a temporary licence to operate a coffee cart or similar mobile food cart at the bay.

Do I still need to copy-n-paste Stuff articles into my blog or do they keep them up forever as they should?


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