2AWAs tonight - see everyone at Mighty Mighty, 6pm-6:30pm

the Wellingtonista
Yep, all of you that voted in the Second Annual Wellingtonista Awards will get to find out who has won Best Breakfast and Best Suburban Venue from yours truly around 7pm-ish. And, as none of the people opening the envelopes know the contents, it will be as much as a surprise to me as it is to you to find out where Liz and I will be having breakfast on Sunday morning.

My advice is to get to Mighty Mighty [104 Cuba Street, ZoomIn map] as early as you can (aim for 6:30pm) but the main thing is not to miss out on tonights party, it will be large!

Oh, and don't forget there is a $15 door charge ... unless you're a nominee and have already told us you're coming.

And it's not just the giving of 2AWA awards, there's also:
  • spot prizes
  • a celebrity quiz hosted by Russel Brown (to be recorded and popped onto the radio later this year)
  • Blam Blam Blam playing later in the evening (fronted by the highly talented Don McGlashan)
  • and possibly much much more
And finally, bring along all your spare coinage to pop into the Downtown Community Ministry buckets that I and others will not be shaking at you.


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