1 easy service to keep a track of EVERYTHING

Most of my online friends (that happily are becoming actual friends) rarely limit themselves to one online presence for a many reasons - one service rarely does it all, you need to protect your online presence from ID theft and we are generally early adopters and try a gazillion services before settling on one.

I'll use myself as an example - you can find me actively online at:
  • this blog
  • Flickr for my photos
  • delicious for my bookmarks
  • YouTube for uploaded videos
  • Wellingtonista for my Wellington blogging
  • Facebook for my "this is me status"
And that's just the day-to-day active ones - I'm 'at' a lot more places.

Whilst I've set-up a few RSS feeds for some of the more useful ones wouldn't it be grand just to subscribe to one feed and it all comes through? And that's the same for nearly everyone I know.

FriendFeed is such a service that I have been running with for a month or so.
After you sign-up* it is extremely easy to click and add the services you use - click to add your delicious bookmarks feed, click and you've added your Flickr photo feed ...

And then it's one feed to give to people - mine is http://feeds.feedburner.com/MiramarMikesActivity - and have everything fed through.
No more having to worry about letting your friends know, "Oh, I've just started using X for tracking my movie going adventures and I think you'd love to know when I've seen a film"

FriendFeed feeds out using:

Aaaaand, you can manage who is using FriendFeed to subscribe to you ... if you want.

* I know, you do have to sign-up - I can't wait for the growing adoption of OpenID


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