TradeMe + Facebook = TradeBook

TradeMe + Facebook = TradeBookFacebook is definitely the newest cool kid on the (NZ) block which must be an annoyance to Google and bring a wry smile to Microsoft as they cozy up to Facebook to try and be cool by association.

And to show just how much Facebook is spreading Allen Qu and Charles Coxhead have come up with the first (as far as I know) New Zealand Facebook application which is of course based on the hugely popular TradeMe site using its feed of sellers items.

About TradeBook

TradeBook is a really easy way to automagically have your Trade Me auctions display on your Facebook profile...

How it works:
  1. Enter your Trade Me username
  2. Select the no. of auctions to display
  3. Add to profile!

That's it! TradeBook will automatically update your profile when it sees your new auctions. If you have any feedback or questions please head over to the about page.

TradeBook is not affiliated with Trade Me

As Charles said in a recent email announcement:
Includes some rounded corners, a reflected logo, XML, the Facebook API, and no possible revenue fully 2.0 compliant ;-)


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