RWC: Oh well, there's always the netball

This'll be the final RWC 2007 posting from me because, well there's no point in being a damn fool about it is there. All Blacks fell at their first hurdle this morning (under cooked I'd say) following on from an England side that played a damn fine game of rugby to push over the Wobblies.

The All Blacks game was actually one of easiest games I've ever had the pleasure of watching as around 10-15 of us congregated at The Wellington Brewery Bar (or whatever it's called now-a-days) at the fine drinking time of 7:30am. A slight panic when we realised that it had been open since 7am and there were an awful lot of "reserved" signs on tables but no worries really, tables dragged in, chairs corralled and off we went. A coffee to start, a yarn with The Dropkicks/Wellingonista crew (for want of a better phrase) and then the mates as they drifted in. Beer followed quickly on as full breakfasts appeared in front of people ... the game happened, people were disappointed but it was still jokes and laughs and a lot of perspective/reality all round (for most). Circumstances from earlier this month are still fresh and I just can't get that serious about a friggin' rugby game ... for that I s'pect I should thank Dave (which I couldn't).

I wandered off at 10am to meet the family at Te Papa, an awesome afternoon birthday shindig at a mate's ma's before home to watch the sky light up with lightning (I heard one sizzle, now that's close).

The game - ach, I'm sure there's so very sad/angry people in NZ but I have to say I'm not that fussed. Which is why I'm gonna drop the RWC 2007 - both my teams are out and I just can't find it in myself to care who wins. And I don't mean it in a "they are lesser than Wales or New Zealand", just that why would I follow a competition that has players I don't know playing for something that no longer means much to me. You, of course, may have a lot still to play for and I wish you all the 'shouting at the screen' luck you need :-)

But that doesn't mean you have to stop reading the fine RWC/rugby blogs I've hopefully been pointing you towards over the past month or so, namely:
And finally all the others I have RWC2007 bookmarked, thanks to you all!

Have fun tonight (yaaaay, no need to stay up late/get up early) and well done to the eventual winner!

Oh, but before I go, this is the blog posting title of the whole comp for me - from Blood and Mud:

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ... if you don't get it ... sorry.


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