RWC: Looking back and then forward to the Quarter Finals

Being a stickler for completion here's a few moments from the final pool games, photo's to go and everyone's choice for the finest of games.

Looking back ...

Official World Cup: Wales v FijiWales v Fiji
For me, of course, the best game with the worst result was Wales/Fiji. Unfortunately the whole shebang came at the wrong time (or rather other events came at the wrong time) and I lost my RWC momentum for some time. The game itself was stupendous and I can't see any other RWC2007 beating it as "finals rugby" tends to be fairly conservative, close and never so exciting unless you happen to care about the sides - even if you don't care about Wales and/or Fiji that was a game to marvel at.

The Welsh Rugby Union have made some big announcements after the sacking of the coach (within minutes, so it seems) ... pillocks - all mouth and no trousers as a friend used to say. I don't think many of the Northern Hemisphere unions really get the new 'international' stage and seem content on creaming in the domestic money, hence Dallaligio's comments before the competition started.


Official World Cup: All Blacks v Romania Official World Cup: Australia v Canada Official World Cup: Scotland v Italy Official World Cup: France v Georgia Official World Cup: Ireland v Argentina Official World Cup: South Africa v USA

And so, on to the actual, real and what-we've-been-waiting-for finals ...

England v Australia (1am, Sunday)
Seems the Aussies are rarking up the English by saying how much everyone hates them to which I contend that they already know and don't care - dickhead Wobblies.
The English team has been announced and I don't see anything to worry any Quarter Final team let alone Australia ... however, this is all about being up for it on the day and maybe a certain prediction will come true.

My prediction ... Wobblies will do it, just.

All Blacks ("New Zealand") v France (7am, Sunday)
Finally the competition starts for the All Blacks - will they be up for their first game which is a toughie against an away side of France playing in their home strip. And believe me this will be an away game for France as every Welshman and Welshwoman will be sporting black in their hearts and voices for this game in Cardiff - for instance, this from the Welsh Rugby Union

News from the All Blacks camp - nowt really. All on track, team announced and ready to play!
Oh, and I happen to agree with Chris Jack, Chabal is totally overrated.

I can't wait to celebrate the emphatic All Black win.

South Africa v Fiji (1:30am, Monday)
Could be a cracker but I suspect Fiji have had their day in the sun ...

Argentina v Scotland (7:30am, Monday)
A nothing match this - Argentina will win and on they go ... feels like a Pool game and I don't care about it. I will, however, watch it.


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