Local elections need 'characters' and boy-o-boy do Christchurch have one

Mr Michael Hansen, Christchurch serial election contenderA mate down in Christchurch has just put me onto their very own serial election contender, a Mr Michael Hansen. He is running in all three of the elections - Mayor, Councillor and DHB.

It seems that Mr Michael Hansen has been running for local Christchurch office positions for quite some time with such memorable party names as Nifty (2004 - Candidates for Spreydon-Heathcote Community Board), Haughty Naughty Nudist (2004 - Spreydon-Heathcote Ward for Council), Economic Euthenics Party (Christchurch Central by-election 1979)

Of course it's easy to laugh ... that's probably why I do.
I will say nothing about his policies, his stance on 'rays' and his party names ... you be the judge with the following taken from the official, council printed and delivered pamphlets!

Michael HANSEN - Economic Euthenics

The main issue this election is the treatment of mayoral 3rd party candidates, the use of a type of ray which can pass thru walls and sting, slow cook and annoy candidates to try to tireout and upset them before nomination day, should not be happening during the time of a Labour Govt. The use of an offensive tingle ray at meetings, and looking inside candidates houses and stinging them on the head with cellphone-lasers is disgracefull, there is no co-operation from the Labour Govt police, Remember, it is not compulsory to vote, but if you do vote, vote for me.

Source: Christchurch City Council (pdf)

CHRISTCHURCH CITY COUNCIL - Election of TWO (2) Councillors for the Spreydon/Heathcote Ward
Michael HANSEN - Sabotaged truck under labour

Cheviot St needs to be cleaned up. The use of an electronic cruelty machine which is some kind of ray which can pass thru walls and sting people, needs house to house searches by the police to locate the machine. There are too many strange cars besetting properties, cars have been sabotaged, houses burgled and a likely rape - I had to intervene with the axe, but he got his own way in the end. The small unmarked noisy plane which is constantly disturbing the peace in Spreydon-Cashmere should be banned.

Source: Christchurch City Council (pdf)

CANTERBURY DISTRICT HEALTH BOARD - Election of SEVEN (7) Members of the Canterbury District Health Board
Michael HANSEN - Electronic Schizophrenia

There is no such thing as schizophrenia. It is all done with microphones, and microwave surveilence, and the use of a ray which can go thru walls to sting and annoy victims. The talking can be tape recorded and taken to the Labour Govt Police, whom refuse to listen to it. No one should be “jailed” in Sunnyside hospital without a release date. It is politically too easy to put people in a Mental hospital, and put them on drowsy medication.

“Thrush” in men is another neglected issue under Labour, it is a myth men do not get it; if it gets into the works, they spread it from woman to woman. The CDHB should run an advertising campaign encouraging men and their partners to seek treatment. You should not have to work with men with “thrush”.

Conflict of Interest Statement
I state in good faith that to the best of my knowledge and belief, as at the date of my consenting to nomination that I have no conflict(s) of interest with the Canterbury District Health Board. I state in good faith that to the best of my knowledge and belief, as at the date of my consenting to nomination that I do not believe that conflict(s) of interest with the Canterbury District Health Board are likely to arise in the future.

Source: Christchurch City Council (pdf)


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