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If you dig a hole straight down, where will you pop out?

Living in Wales the answer to this was always, "Australia, of course" ... but is it?

The excellent If you dig straight down, where will you end up? mashup using Google Maps shows you. Drag and zoom-in/out on either map and the other will move showing you exactly where the other side of the world is.

And if I dig straight down ("up") from Miramar, Wellington (New Zealand / Aotearoa) I will end up near to the town of Siete Iglesias de Trabancos* (Spain):
Google map of Siete Iglesias de Trabancos (Spain)

* Siete Iglesias de Trabancos translated into English gave me, Seven Churches of Trabancos. The Trabancos is a river in Spain (Wikpedia)