RWC: One more week and it's into the "business end"

Clichés you will hear over the next week - "business end", "sharp end" and "the real competition .. *sheesh*.

And, I understand that the UK tv channel ITV1 has "all the World Cup action" and for it's sins has hired New Zealand's "finest" commentator in the form of Mr Murray Mexted - ha ha ha ha, sorry to those in the UK that have to put up with him, think of him as a 'care in the community' citizen and let him do his thing but don't get involved.

With two more games to go tonight before this weekend's "action and reaction" (that'll be another cliché to watch out for) are complete - I will update tomorrow morning.

BTW: I don't post links to any traditional media (newspapers, TV etc) as there's oodles of them and you can finds them with a quick Google News search

Official World Cup: South Africa v TongaPool A: South Africa 30 Tonga 25
A cracking game and oh so close to the "major upset of the competition" (clichés keep on coming). I rate Tonga as the team that's alongside Argentina that's made me sit up and notice for all the best reasons. I so want them through to the Quarter Finals and can't wait for the Tonga/England game (6:30am, 29-Sept).

As for South Africa ... weeeell, they don't really have a "B" team do they? I can imagine a wry smile drifted across Ted's face whenever he finally managed to see the game (my mistake, it was the French game he missed).
Bring It On!

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Official World Cup: England v SamoaPool A: England 44 Samoa 22
Unlucky Samoa I'd say ... and the score does not reflect how close it actually was. Samoa have had an annoying World Cup and I suspect the loss to the in-form Tongans rattled their confidence somewhat. As for England, heh, better but just no good for the country that has the biggest professional pool to choose from - the sooner they're gone the better for the game.

I am, however, glad that Mr J Wilkinson made it through the game and showed what he can do as I don't enjoy seeing someone with talent constantly having to battle injuries - on him.

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Official World Cup: Argentina v NamibiaPool D: Argentina 63 Namibia 3
What can I say - the Argentinian team rumbles on to a comfortable Quarter Final placing against (probably) Scotland which I rate as an easy win for them. That's them into the semi's and all the best to them!

I thank Namibia for making a game of it and once again I thoroughly enjoyed the spirit and 80-minutes of tackling they brought to the paddock!

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Official World Cup: Australia v FijiPool B: Australia 55 Fiji 12
A fairly convincing and relatively easy win for the Aussies. Despite moments of, "Oh, here come Fiji" I can't say the Wallabies ever looked like they weren't in control. I'm not so sure that Fiji's tactic of playing a 'second team' was a particularly clever one - saving it all for the Welsh game (4am, 30-Sept) seems like putting all ones eggs into a Cardiff-based basket.

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Official World Cup: Scotland v All BlacksPool C: Scotland 0 All Blacks 24
Despite the 'extortionate ticket prices' there seemed to be quite a full house at Murrayfield for the only game that ever mattered in Pool C.

I awoke for the Aussie game, struggled through and was already for the Haka which turned out to be a passionate rendition of Kapa o Pango - the boys were ready. Unfortunately the actual rugby playing was up to the same standard and despite the win I would have to say they looked rusty and badly in need of some serious game play - and that's gonna come in ... the knockout round, oh excellent!?!

One thing - WHAT THE FUCK was the thinking behind the strips? I thought the idea behind an "away strip" was to differentiate the teams ... and so the All Blacks are asked/told to use their silver away strip and when they run on it's almost exactly the same as Scotland's home strip.
Check out these pictures and you tell me who is who: here, here and here

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