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6 Days to go ... are you prepared?

As we count down the days and it gets hot out there ladies and gentlemen (AB Corsica arrival photos) I know you want to be prepared:

Everyone seems to be talking themselves up and the mo' with very little talking the others down. All Black reporting shifts to their opening game (Italy, Sat 8 Sept, 11:45pm) and ponders the first of two eternal New Zealand questions: Who will play midfield?

And on other games (finally!), the Pacific Island nations will make themselves known with two games:
The English send off was typically 'proper' and Mike Catt comes up with an interesting World XV. Injury changes and concerns all sorted for Argentina, Scotland and South Africa.

I leave you in the style of a true Welshman, looking back in fondness at the 1970's as they fade further and further into the past: RugbyDump: Phil Bennett classic try 1977


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