RWC: A day/night of passion and thumpings

You'll be happy to know that I'm not going to be writing up extensive, minute-by-minute review of each and every Rugby World Cup game as I struggle through the opening weeks of the competition. I believe there is already enough being written about each game for me merely to link to the best (+photos) and let you play away. Oh, and I'm not gonna link to the standard media (newspapers, TV and the like) - you can surely find those without my help!

However, I will give you a brief look back from my pub seat/home couch and try and find the best pictures!

In other news this could be more significant than anything else this weekend (maybe the Argentine win excepted): Hansen home as mum takes ill
The All Blacks have suffered another blow with forwards coach Steve Hansen on his way home to be with his sick mother and family.

Official World Cup: Argentina celebratePool D: France 12 Argentina 17
The opening game and what a cracker it was - easily the best of the day/night.
Jack, Meg and I made an event of the whole thing (thanks for the idea Andrew) as we ate popcorn at half-time, waved our coloured-in flags and shouted for our teams.

Jack was the only person that I know backing Argentina and he was adamant despite my mature head trying to curb his enthusiasm .... I will be tracking his success rate and may use him to pick the winning team as I place everything the Riversdales own on it.

Reviews, photos and thoughts:

Official World Cup: McCawe with a try
Pool C: All Blacks 76 Italy 14
Cracking start to the competition for the All Blacks, lost their pattern and cohesiveness at some parts but it must be hard when all you're really doing in is having an intensive practice session. Loads for the opposition to pull apart and claim, "All Blacks show they're not unbeatable" but we were all happy amongst nice (not large) crowd at the Brewery Bar.

Reviews, photos and thoughts:

Official World Cup: Australia v JapanPool B: Australia 91 Japan 3
Anything you can da, we can do better!
Got home via the night bus and made up loads of toasted sandwiches as I watched the Aussies easily rip the Japanese to bits. Impressive but somehow not as "easy" as the ABs

Reviews, photos and thoughts:

Official World Cup: Contemplating England v USAPool A: England 28 USA 10
Fell asleep! It was a long day/night and there's something about England that induces shut-eye ... ;-)

Reviews, photos and thoughts:


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