Hello Dear Chosen one

In my Spam-box today ... niiice:
Hello Dear Chosen one,
Please excuse me for all the inconveniences my mail could cause you. I have the pleasure to expose to you my predicaments. Please even if we never knew before, I believe firmly that on the basis of the right of humanitarian assistance that a real confidence and love can arise from our communication and also a real partnership between us. I am Miss Yasine Diarra
, the legitimate daughter of the Director of cocoa export murdered by the rebel’s here because of the war and political crisis going on here in my country. My father had deposited a consignment with a security company here containing the sum of 10.700, 000m USD (Ten million seven hundred dollars USD) to allow him to conceive a project of investment at the end of his mandate. Regrettably the fate decided on it otherwise. Today my major concern is to move out this sum outside here. Given that I am the only child and I have seriously suffered from the ragging and the harassments on behalf of the political opponents of my Father. It is in this prospect that I contact you. Because of the political war and the hostilities in this country I seriously wish to leave from here and live the rest of my life in a more peaceful and politically more stable and quiet country. I shall voluntarily agree on a good and appropriate percentage of this money as your compensation for your assistant as for what precedes. I would lik
Thanks for your care.
Yours sincerely
Miss Yasine Diarra


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