Google - more world domination from the company that really does want to be called SMERSH

Following up from my When Google rules the Web what will you do? article from earlier this year Jim points me to the next theory of how Google is slowly trying to take over the world in the name of goodness, non-evil and making squillions: Google's plan for world domination. Also why the iPod Classic sucks.

The article from I, Cringely ends with:
Forget about net neutrality and forget about making nice-nice with broadband ISPs OR phone companies. Google would overnight become the largest U.S. ISP with direct and very high-performance access to its customers, including those using the new Google Phone or any other phone that supports WiFi connections, like the iPhone and many others. Google becomes the biggest and lowest-cost ISP and potentially the biggest and lowest-cost mobile phone company in the bargain.


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