Google Earth and it's hidden flight simulator

By now I'm sure you've all been told about the 'hidden' flight simulator sitting inside the latest release of Google Earth ... no, not heard - you have now!

I gave it a go and had a fun 15 minutes careering around the sky over London looking down upon the Cockneys, as one does.
  1. Fire up Google Earth (v4.2)
  2. Know what type of computer you're using:
    • Microsoft Windows: CTRL-ALT-A
    • Apple Mac: Command+Option+A.
  3. Choose either an F-16 or a Cirrus SR-22 aircraft.
  4. Fly
  5. Finish:
    • Hit the Exit Flight Simulator button
    • or the ESC key on the keyboard

Want to know more about flying around the monuments of the world or doing a virtual buzz over those noisy neighbours:


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