barCamp (this Sat) - the theme I hope to hear about

My notes, for all to see and ponder - and if this isn't something people want to talk about on Saturday then I'll expand my notes and let people read it all here.

My basic theme is "Think about the reader" which covers everyone from people who read info all the way 'up' to those that are collaborating in real time. In essence, it's about people not technology.
  • It's not about the technology - as Robyn Hunt puts it, "Two shmoo! What about the user?"
  • Web/Enterprise/Government 2.0 isn't only about the fun stuff, it has an underlying modus operandi that needs to be bought into - in one word, participation!
  • Why do we think we need to "change"?
  • What are we doing now that is "Web 2.0" (in its broadest definition - not technology focussed)
  • What are the outcomes the people want from any change
  • What are the benefits?
  • What are the natural (and understandable) fears? This from both the Government point of view and the publics
  • Change takes time
  • Is the culture of departments/ministries ready for this?
  • What about those 'special people' called "IT"?
  • 2 main reasons why people "close information" (this from the Fronde Always GM):
    1. Integrity - "It's my info / I don't want this to be broken"
    2. Findability - "Where the fuck is it - what the hell, I'll stick it on my desktop"
  • Change takes leadership not merely management

Something like that .... I'll consolidate, evolve and focus over the next few days.


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