AU$5m on All Blacks to win the Rugby World Cup

It wasn't me that laid the bet ... Liz would a) kill me; b) ask me where I found NZ$5.83m ... in that order.
With the tournament nearing the quarterfinal stages, New Zealand are the top picks at A$1.71 with Betfair.

"We can't discuss his identity. Unfortunately I can't disclose his country of origin," Betfair spokesman Hugh Taggart said today.

"This is an enormous bet. It's certainly one of the biggest individual bets we've seen on Betfair and one that would normally have bookies running for cover."

With my trusty slide rule that gives a winning payout of about AU$8,550,000 (+ the original AU$5m stake - minus commission)

For my international readers the stake, as at 22nd Sept, 9:26pm, of AU$6m turns out to be:


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