RWC: Portugal in detail, Aussie words and a few more squad listings

Let's start with the fine Dropkick blog and their inaugural look at each of the teams in detail kicking off with a side I know little (if anything) about - Portugal.
This site will be an excellent source of unbiased Kiwi commentary during the competition and I urge you to subscribe!

In the news the Aussies (and Boks) would earn more than the ABs for a World Cup win* as an Aussie former coach feels the need to pop in with his tuppence worth, "Jones says he agrees with ex-Wallabies coach Bob Dwyer that Graham Henry's team are on the slippery slope" - what did he ever win? And of course everyone has their valued input to the All Blacks, "New Zealand must trust their traditional virtues to deliver World Cup success, reports Peter Bills from Auckland" (Independent, UK).

The NZ Herald is gathering "World Cup predictions" from esteemed rugby-ites, so far:
  • Eric Rush - Final: All Blacks vs France / Result: All Blacks by "I'm not fussed, as long as we're in front".
  • "Bull" Allen - Final: All Blacks vs France / Result: All Blacks by "hey, mate, 1 is as good as 100 in a final so I don't care"
  • Stu Wilson - Final: All Blacks vs France / Result: All Blacks by 15 points.
And some of the squads already announced:
And here's Zinzan Brooke's view on the All Black squad from his BBC column.


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