RWC: Italy squad, Zinzan poo-poo's England, predictions, Welsh ponderings


[Update a few hours later] Dropkicks now with Fiji profile and Welsh TV sending out a call to all Kiwi's going over to watch the games ... you could be a star in the valleys:
A television company in Wales, is looking for a group of Kiwi fans who are heading over to France for the Rugby World Cup.

As part of a series called Fans TV a Welsh rugby fan will spend each match day with the opposing fans, as it’s too early to work out who’ll be in the quarters and semis we are planning on having him spend time with the Kiwi fans.

If you and a group of friends will be in Marseille for the quarters on the 6th and 7th of September or in St. Denis for the semis on the 13th and 14th and think you have what it takes to show the Welsh how it’s done, to give a good impression of Kiwi rugby fans and to generally have a laugh on camera then please let us know.

Get in touch by e-mailing and we’ll meet you in Marseille/St. Denis for the showdown, whoever our opponents will be!!

The Italians have gone with an "experienced" squad - not sure it;ll make much difference against the All Blacks (high on cocaine or not) and they should see off Romania and Portugale which leaves a cracking gamer against Scotland (in Edinburgh) for the final place in the Quarter Finals.

Zinzan gives the English some sobering thoughts - yes they beat a woeful Welsh but they won't defend their cup playing like that - that's right everyone, they're the defending champions, hard to believe isn't it!

More Kiwi's over at the NZ Herald telling the world how the All Blacks will win with Peter "Fats" Fatialofa - "Springboks versus All Blacks match-up."

Finally, the Welsh are still pondering the future and what could've been.


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