Job: Knowledge Acquisitions Officer

What do you think a "Knowledge Acquisitions Officer" would do?

I am of two minds.

It's either:

Something based around a WWII prisoner of war camp. Nothing serious or set in reality, something like The Great Escape with a large helping of 'Allo 'Allo. Think of some toffy-nosed upper crust English person who's job before the war was sales. Now he's turned his skills to chatting with the guards to find out when the new commandant will arrive and what his favourite meal is in order to cause chaos with a frozen chicken the night of the break.
Name: Charles "Rabbit" Poddington-Smythe

... or:

This is a job for someone deep in the bowels of central government of any English speaking country. It is library/records based and was originally title, "Librarian" but with the recent reshuffle, "Due to that new (fancy) computer woman. Now we've all got to have 'titles that reflect the outcome of our position'. Loads of muttering about, "Don't know why they're trying to fix it, it ain't broken". Smells of ... something.
Name: Eric "Jimmy" Smith


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