Jim's poetry competition

Mr Donovan over at his En Avant blog is running a poetry/limerick competition with the promise* of beer/wine to the winner.
Details culled from the site:
Entries can be posted as comments below, before 11.59pm, Friday evening, 17 August, NZ time.
As usual, I am sole judge and arbiter (until I find someone to share the joy with me), I (we) can be suborned, and the usual cheapskate prize is the acclamation of the blog-reading public, and maybe a drink if I’m in the same part of the planet as you some time soon - I do travel a bit

Here's mine - “The Rage Of The Masses” by MiramarMike, aged 40 1/2

There’s been leaders a-plenty with visions galore
I’ve seen IT Departments with geeks, technology and more
Yet rarely have I experienced, with heavy heart I tell you,
The happy marriage of 1 with 2

And so - "Release your secret inner bard!"


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