40+ pairs of trousers ("pants")

Buy these at Babylicious (NZ)Yep, 40+ ... that's how many pairs of trousers** my daughter, Meg, has.

Is that a right amount? I mean, well, it seems a lot to me.

And I've not bought one pair ... not even from Babylicious (yet)!

I opened her wardrobe and had them all fall onto me in the grand style of any comedy/cartoon that wishes the hero to be swamped by articles from an over full cupboard - Home Alone comes to mind but don't quote me on that. It's a wee bit like bathrooms full of water sloshing the character down the stairs ... I will probably have that to come in my parenting life at some point.

But I digress.
After folding them neatly (counting as I went) I went to my own trouser collection.

Not including two suit trouser(s) that I never wear and, quite frankly, will have to get rid off as I never wish to wear them again - suits that is, not just these two***

And seven is up from what I had about a month ago. Two.
I, like most men I know, buy in bulk - it's a habit my wife is teaching me to lose!

But, 40+ ... for a 20-month-old ... is that a lot or am I suffering from trouser-envy?

* Picture from Babylicious (NZ) - buy those 'pants'!

** Unlike Australia, New Zealand has managed in the main to stay clear of 'Americanisations' - we have pavements not sidewalks, rubbers not erasers and aluminum not
aluminum. However "pants" as a means of indicating ones leg/bottom/private covering clothing is well ensconced ... and I think that's pants!

*** Despite Jim D (CEO of Fronde, my current place of work) shaking his head at my jean'd approach and leaving comments about "going all corporate" I think, at 40, that I should really be able to dress myself. Sometimes that'll be a suit but unlikely it will be a regular occurrence.


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