TWTWTW*, the best of MiramarMike, 28th May-June 3rd, 2007

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A long** geek week with Google, Microsoft, Joost, BarCamp and a touchy-feel-y interface hitting the blog. Unfortunately the posting that I will remember this week for is the passing of Doddery Old Fart, I already miss the regular wry chuckle he supplied, *sigh*
Top volume comments for Joost invites (plenty left, if you're a Taff or a Kiwi) and for the mighty Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra at the Central Library.

Shared RSS items
An average lump of feeds over the week - here's the best of the rest (top posting in bold):
  1. How employers can help boost the happiness of their employees (and how you can boost your own happiness).
  2. Live Earth is on C4 + C4 is going 24/7
  4. Damien Hirst's diamond skull
  5. Sean Fitzpatrick: International rugby in danger of being like football
  6. Google Maps Offers Mind-Blowing Street View — It’s Like Walking Around Virtually in a City
  7. Something to be proud of
  8. British public rush to give cash to private school ‘charities’
  9. Chocolate Fish Cafe Embraces the Purple Cow
  10. Proceedings of the Royal Society of New Zealand

Photos uploaded for this week in May/June include Isobellas 4th Birthday Party, Chilean sailboat Esmeralda arrives at Wellington harbour and Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra at the Central Library.
Oodles from the shared list, these 10 I think you should take a look at:
  1. aberystwyth
  2. Invasion, Courteney Place
  3. Oriental bay
  4. Plas Newydd
  5. cuba mall and here
  6. evans bay panorama
  7. Monmouth from Vauxhall Fields
  8. North from Macrae's Road, Otago, New Zealand, May 2007
  9. Wellington Point Sunset4
  10. Wellington Harbour
Also two cracking rugby postings from Cameron Burnell photography blog, Rugby Poneke vs University Old Boys and Tana Umanga.

A handful I want to share:
Flickr: Serious business woman Flickr: IMG_3376 Flickr: Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra at the Central Library

My pick for my weekly PC wallpaper is ... IMG_3376 (the heart sign on the City to Surf Bridge in Wellington)

I've not watched this week. Have had some fun with Joost (invites here) and would guide you to 500 Years of Female Portraits in Western Art

And finally, from the bookmarks, Hollie Smith [music + newzealand] - watch this woman, she's gonna take the music world by storm.

* TWTWTW = That Was The Week That Was. Named after a 1960's British satirical TV programme [BBC | Wikipedia]
** Monday was a public holiday (as opposed to those private ones I have a lot of) - Queen's Birthday.


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