Saturday / Sunday - FREE entertainment in Wellington

The Big Look See IIThe Big Look See II is a series of FREE events being held around the centre of Wellington this Saturday and Sunday (9th/10th June).

Liz, Jack and I are gonna pop along to a few of the kiddlie-winkles ones but I urge you to pop over to the site or, even easier to use, pick up a FREE programme (at all cool places around town) to see what best suits you.

Here's the blurb from FeelingGreat (council's events listing site):
Have a 'look-see' behind the scenes at some of the Greater Wellington Region's best theatres, galleries, museums, heritage sites and arts organisations for FREE!

This will be a weekend of fun and discovery for anyone who is curious about what goes on behind closed doors and wants to have a good old-fashioned nosey! Sit in on a rehearsal. Chat with artists. Go on a guided walk or tour. See a snippet of a show. Give dancing a go. Admire exquisite costumes. Have a sing-along. Find out how books are made. Learn how to stage-fight. Produce your own music video. Listen to bellringing. Enjoy a brass band. Take part in a theatre marae workshop. Get your painting valued. Play with prosthetic makeup. Fly scenery on and off stage. Hear local history. Paint a mural. Create sculptures from trash. Try circus tricks. Watch how it's done or have a go yourself… all for FREE!


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