One more from Absolutely - Callum Gilhooley

AbsolutelyHere's one more (but surely not the last) video from the finest BBC sketch show ever, Absolutely [ABsoLuTeLy Productions | Wikipedia | BBC] And once you've enjoyed Callum Gillhooley don't forget to also check out Shadwell, Frank and Little Girl before I start posting up other notable sketches - Stoneybridge Council will have to be next; "Stoneybridge - we've got a stony bridge"

I'm not quite sure why Absolutely lands so high on my comedy viewing but I am sure it's the slightly (largely) surreal nature to a lot of the sketches, particularly the ones with Jack Docherty and Moray Hunter - the Don and George sketches were something to behold.

And the good news from the ABsoLuTely Productions website is:
Absolutely aquires DVD Rights

After over a year of negotiation Absolutely Productions has finally, today, signed a deal with Channel 4 International to re-aquire the ditribution rights to all 4 series of Absolutely. This means that we can now actively seek a new distributor so that we can release all of the shows on DVD. We are already in negotiations with a distributor who is very keen on the show and we hope to announce more news on the Absolutely DVD soon.

Many many thanks to everyone who emailed Absolutely, AbsolutelyAndy and Channel 4 expressing their enthusiasm for the show. This has really helped with the negotiations. We will keep you up to date with progress and release dates as and when we get them.


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