TVNZ ondemand - available to all

TVNZ ondemandI have to say the new TVNZ ondemand website/service is pretty awesome and available to us quite some time before I thought it was.

Only just given it a whirl and discovered that it's got an All Black v Lions game from 1966, a weekly recap (of NZ news/factual type progs) and quite some old ("classics") NZ-made TV.

Whilst it'll not be showing (for the foreseeable) the latest from the USA or UK (this is tvNZ ondemand) there is an area for "internet only" shows - currently Karaoke High (whatever that might be) and somewhere to get the latest in the NZ based soaps, game shows and reality TV garbage

And it's pretty darned easy to use as well with both downloads and streaming available (not both for all).

So sit back and let Dom Bowden take you on a tour through your new TVNZ channel


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