TVNZ and their demo of Internet TV on demand

Ha ha ha ha - I quote from the email I've just received (via an online Web 2.0 group I lurk around):
We're always having a little chuckle to ourselves at some of the silly mistakes large companies make when it comes to the web. Last night we had one of the 14 year old members on our TV site,, post a full on, in depth review of TVNZ's soon to be released ondemand service - complete with screen caps of how it works and what to do etc. We were kind of surprised to think that TVNZ had included a 14 year old in their beta test but as it turns out, they hadn't. The young sleuth had discovered the location of the ondemand website by checking the source code on a couple of pages that had images of the ondemand service and started guessing. Eventually, he found the right one and was amazed to find it unprotected. He immediately signed up and started to test out the service, writing up his review as he went.

A number of bloggers have picked up on it and word has spread about the review which is probably why, surprise surprise, the ondemand site now offers up an 'access denied' dialog when trying to visit the site.

I just love it when this kind of thing happens!

For those who care, here's the link:


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