Remove the defence of 'reasonable force' and move on

Big(ish) deal here is a bill going through Parliament (3 readings, a vote and it becomes law ... something like that) that will remove the 'reasonable force' defense for hitting kids.

Of course most people have simply swallowed the media simplification of, "Ban smacking".

My view - stop hitting kids!
If it takes the law to stop you hitting kids then the law should do that.

Definition corner: Smacking = hitting.

There was a 'march' to Parliament by the "I reserve the right to thrash my own children" brigade and I've just wandered through Parliament grounds wondering what the protest was all about (finger on the pulse etc etc) and maybe it was about student loans as there seemed oodles (vast majority) of kiddlie winkles (generally less than 20 years old) ... but no, it was the high pitched screaming of, "I want the right of my parents to beat me!", punctuated with, "Do we want 'them' to tell us how to deal to our kids? ... NO!"

And another as noted by another:
Call him a bandwaggoner, but I really liked the guy marching along in amongst the retards *cough* the fundie xians and right-wing nutjobs or *ahem* the concerned citizens of democracy, with the sign saying: "LEGALISE SMACK"

And another more serious one here

Finally (2), I agree with Martha - no comments as I don't want to argue with you about it, if you don't like my view, go away.

Do your bit: Read the bill. Read the news to get involved. Search for more ...


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