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[Updated 16-Jan - added my tribe details]

Find your New Zealand tribeTom has a grand posting about The Tribes of Wellington which he has taken from the book 8 Tribes: The Hidden Class of New Zealand [buy it here].

The tribes are names given to the type of Kiwi you might be and there's a quiz you can use to find out what tribe you're in:
  • The North Shore Tribe: Achieving
  • The Grey Lynn Tribe: Intellectual
  • The Balclutha Tribe: Staunch
  • The Remuera Tribe: Entitled
  • The Otara Tribe: Community
  • The Raglan Tribe: Free spirited
  • The Cuba Street Tribe: Avant-Garde
  • The Papatoetoe Tribe: Unpretentious

Me ... coming - in the nicest non-icky way
Your dominant tribes are Raglan and Cuba St

Your tribal combination shows an alternative view of the world and a strong sense of anti-mainstream individualism - but perhaps you're mellowing with age

The Raglan Tribe Free spirited
The independent spirits who value the ability to live a life according to their own priorities, not the consumerist pressures for material aggrandizement. They tend to be highly sensate and internally focussed hedonists, or spiritual journeyers, fitness fanatics or adrenaline junkies. Many Kiwis join the Raglan tribe for three weeks at Christmas.

The Cuba Street Tribe Avant-Garde
A transitional Tribe for young alternative Kiwis on the cutting edge of cool, where new is the greatest virtue, being labelled mainstream the greatest fear and self-expression the great preoccupation. The Cuba Street tribe is the edge from which many trends and fashions emerge in the 80s it was the vanguard of espresso, in the 90s of body piercing and tattoos.

For more information about your dominant tribes please follow these links:-

The Raglan Tribe Free spirited
The Cuba Street Tribe Avant-Garde
All Tribes

And once you've found your tribe:
I suspect that most WellUrban readers would fall into the Grey Lynn or Cuba St tribes, with perhaps a touch of North Shore (after all, I do write about shopping occasionally), but that's a hypothesis worth testing. So, fill in the online form and send the results to: tom [dot] beard [at] paradise [dot] net [dot] nz. Either attach the graph, or a link to the result page you got, and add some sort of description of where you live (suburb at least, and preferably street). With any luck, I'll get enough responses to map the results and show you where the "tribes" of Wellington actually live.


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