Tag/labels here there and everywhere - can someone help me bring them all together?

Before I start: 'tags' and 'labels' mean the same - a word or phrase added to content (a bit of writing, picture etc) that lets you find it again - this posting will be tagged 'knowledge management' so that I can find it and related postings in the future.

And so - we have tags for everything. I have tags all over my photo's (here at Flickr), I have tags galore with my bookmarks (at del.icio.us) and I'm now adding labels (read "tags") on my blog postings.

I even have labels attached to all my emails, documents and spreadsheets and my calendar.

I have tags in every conceivable place in my electronic world. I don't just "have" tags I also have many ways to look at them - lists, tag clouds, latest - but I tend to use the 'tag cloud' if I can, here's my Flickr tag cloud as an example:
Mike's Flickr tag page

I have many tags with many views ... no exactly the consolidated/interoperable view the "Web 2.0" is meant to deliver is it? How on earth will the semantic web gain traction if it's not willing to share the glue? (as also talked about at the NeoSmart Files blog)

And here's my challenge to the wonderful world of geekdom, to those awesome and extremely talented developers out there - is there anyway I can bring all my tags together in one consolidated "this is my world" view - leave a comment?


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