Back to work ... and I'm excited but not prepared

Monday 8th January, 2007 has come around waaaay too fast. I have so much work that I wanted to get done ... painting the house, moving trees, getting the lawn reset, upsetting the gibboard, felching the groove-meisters ... and such like.

Of course anyone that knows me knows that I've never attempted to paint anything, would know the inside of a builders sack (!) from a shopping trolley and am a fully paid up subscriber to G.A.L.M.I.*

In fact, I wanted to:
  1. Amend this blog template to use the fancy new Blogger malarkey
  2. Register and set-up Liz's work Internet domain
  3. Geotag and check the tags on all my photo's
  4. Check the rugby calendars and for each entry get venue, 3 reports/previews, TV schedules, "kick-off time where you are"
  5. Get the 5 videos (each an hour long) off tape, onto the PC and burned to DVD
  6. Post 3 Wellingonista articles
  7. Sign-up for as many "What's On In Wellington" things as possible
I managed ... a bit of 3, half of 5 and one of 6 ... [sigh]

I just don't have time for work! Maybe I'm taking on a wee bit too much ...

*G.A.L.M.I. = Get A Little Man In


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