Life unemployed isn't one I'd recommend - the latest on the Wellington job hunt

It's ending a wee bit flatter than it started and all for the smallest of reasons. The major influence though isn't the job market, the updating of the CV or even the non-returned calls from agencies ... nope, it's the pressure of having very little money and a family to feed. How easy and quickly the basics come into play eh!

And so, money to pay for food and a roof if driving the emotions.

I've had 3 interviews. All went well. I am waiting for a phone call back from one company that was meant to happen Wednesday morning but ... well, let's hope it happens soon. Again, 3 days isn't really that long to wait in Government/corporate world but the immediate uncertainty and pressure makes it draaaaaaaaaag ...

Interview yesterday went well and had some awesome and very constructive critique of the CV which I have now amended to more closely reflect the Business Analysis skills I own and am happy to use of the good of the world. Let's hope it works out there.

Final interview is in a few hours which should be quite a comfortable affair. and I'm looking forward to it.

On the go are some other companies that are getting to see my CV and will get back to me for interviews (think positive everyone) next week. I'm also up for a contract BA role that I trust will be just the bridge we need.

And there ya have it - fly back to the family tonight and will be back in Wellington early next week. That's if Emma will have me back at her place after losing her key (the second time she';s leant me a house key and the second time I've lost one - what a knob!)


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