Wellington - good to be home

Flickr: Mt Vic from waterfront of Te PapaMany apologies for the lack of postings ... once I have a job and a settled home I'll be back into to it with a new blog (don't worry, you won't have to do a thing) and loads of malarkey you never wanted to know.

Last week was a flight to Wellington (one of the last before the airport was shut due to bad weather/high winds ... welcome home Mike!) to hawk my body around the IT agencies in town. I also managed to catch up with mates and even get a few intro's to work people that might be able to help out (and I might be able to help them out).

It was knackering ... but I'm glad I did it. The salary range has raised from what I was on in Wellington substantially (settled to around $100k+/year for permanent or around $75+/hour for contract).

I even had an actual interview on Wednesday ...

So, back to the family-in-holding down in Christchurch, spent a pleasant weekend with them before flying back up for a full week of job hunting, meeting people and the like.

Wish me the best and let's hope that we're nearing the end of it ... shame there's no timetable that comes with life and you can just flick forward and say, "Ach, only another 8 more days and we're done"

Things I loved:
  • The coastline from the plane
  • The, "oohs" and "aaahs" and the "Well, it is Wellington" from the passengers flying in ... we're different and everyone knows it before they even land
  • Being able to walk EVERYWHERE!
  • Mates /good beer /old haunts
  • Nice people that are willing to help ya out
  • The feeling that, "It's happening here"
  • I'm home
Not so good:
  • Everyone in black (mostly suits but not just the corporate types)
  • Being able to walk EVERYWHERE!
  • The wind ... I'll get used to it again but maaaan
  • Having to leave Friday morning
  • So much going on and so little time
  • The price of a beer
  • The price of a coffee
  • The price ... of well, most things really - it's increased substantially OR now that I'm poor I'm noticing how expensive life in Wellington city is

It was most certainly, definitely and absolutely (rearrange if you need to) GOOD TO BE HOME!


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