Search entries - they're funny for no reason

Recently I've had:

  • breastfeed
  • animal sex (and various alternatives too yuk to share with you)
  • crap talker
  • false boobs
  • "des mangan" +prick
  • netball skirt broke
  • teddy bears bottles scientology
  • photo's of swimsuits
  • the omd singles blogspot
  • naked soccer goals
  • cams in mens urinals
  • morris oxford screensaver
  • photo of w.c and girl sex
  • free birg porn movies
  • pictures of boys testacles
  • lick my fucking knickers you wanker
  • hoyts humping each other
All do find a page sort of related ... never in an icky way, believe me.

I was gonna try and be all clever and humourous about this wee selection but I feel a wee bit grubby and shall slope off to have a shower and a lie down with a good, clean and innocent book.

Or maybe listen/watch something relaxing like the new Fat Freddy's DVD, Fantastic Voyages Vol. 1 (out Nov 13th, thanks for the heads-up):

Have a grand rest of the day everyone.


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