Knowledge Management notes

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Knowledge not process- can speed up process to a degree, no change to the "how it's done".

Loads taken from: Building a Knowledge-Driven Organization by Robert H Buckman (ISBN: 0-07-138471-5)

Trust - very important
Fast Company Strategy as if Knowledge Mattered

Managing Codified Knowledge

The Analysis of Knowledge

What’s more important to business success — information or knowledge?

Working Knowledge: Reading Summaries

Cultural Change/threat
Change from 'info guardians' to 'knowledge shareers' - different way of working. Perceived loss of "power/influence".
Especially prevalent in "middle management".

Change to "IT" departments required.

Encourage the flow of knowledge
One-step transmission (get rid of Chinese whispers)
Universal access - technology from anywhere for everyone
Universal entry - no 'locked areas'
Open around the world and around the clock

Encource the sharing
Rewards for early-adopters (best advocates, normall knowlege-shreers anyway)
Celebrate successes
Reciprocity - people love to know the sharing has helped
Virtual friends treasure face-to-face interaction.
The best players deserve the best toys
The uses know what the system needs - hmmm
Visible sigbns and symbols fuel paticpation
Games and contests draw people in
Pay still matters
Those who don't play don't go anywhere
Nothing's perfect

New products and services based on knowledge
Albert Einstein quote: - think about:

  • Best practices database
  • Learning modules
  • Lessons learnt
  • Applications databases
  • New product development style
  • Redefined time equations
  • Corporate repositioning
  • New oranization models
  • Speaking and consulting

Need SMART goals
Measure what you want - focus on outcomes
Some to consider

  • Speed of response to custoemr needs
  • Speed of response to customer opportunities
  • Speed of innovation
  • Marketing innovation
  • Manufacturign innovation
  • Growth of your people
  • Mentors
  • Productivity pdfs/ Collaborative%20models%20white%20paper.pdf

  1. Knowledge-based strategies begin with strategy, not knowledge
  2. Knowledge-based strategies are not strategies unless you link them to measures of performance
  3. Executing a knowledge-based strategy is not about managing knowledge, it is about nurturing people with knowledge
  4. Organizations leverage knowledge through networks of people who collaborate, not through networks of technology that interconnect
  5. People networks leverage knowledge through organizational ‘pull’, rather than centralised information ‘push’

Knowledge leads to what? I think 'action' - otherwise why bother having it.

Knowledge Management & Workflow

Yahoo! Knowledge Management category

INSEAD: Knowledge Management

Practical Knowledge Management: A Model That Works

Managing Codified Knowledge Knowledge Management

Social Network Analyis (SNA)

Web "Job titles"

Web Management

  • Web operations Manager/Director
  • E-Business Manager
  • Web Project Manager
  • Web Product Manager

Web Design and Development

  • Web Designer
  • Web Programmer
  • Quality-Assurance Web Developer
  • Web Services/Integration Engineer (or Architect)
  • Usability Engineer (or Analyst)
  • Information Architect

Web Site/Product Marketing

  • Web marketing Manager
  • Search Engine Optimisation Engineer

Technical and Content

  • Web Technical Administrator archives/ ten_quotable_moments_challenges_and_responses_for_ui_designers.php


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