Google is good ... BUT ...

Google... there seems to be this"thing" about them that is very reminiscent of Microsoft 5 years ago and, if you're old enough about, IBM, ... the 'thing' is what we're being told by the experts (ie, ICT/computer/geek people that make it on to TV/radio/print): "they will make it easier and life better for us" ... bollocks, Google is just a software company and not actually of any use to us really.

Weeeell, ok, they get bits and bites/bits/bytes (huh?) shifting around the world quicker ... and ... so ... what ... look around, when does "knowing" something actually that good, when was "knowing" stuff been useful ... (outside of school - ie, in NZ, after 17/18-yrs-old ... ). Useful is WHO you know.

So Google's historical mission statements (10 of them) are, nice, useful, pointless, 'something your parents would say', a nice Star Trek phrase ... to my mind it's a wee bit like something a Government agency would promote and we "know" how useful they actually are.

But hey, their search tool is pretty good (if you speak English, know what you're looking for, can type on a keyboard, have a active Internet connection and think the answer/info is 'out there' - ie, a minority of the world's population) ....

And believe me, I love Google ... would work for them at a drop of a hat ... but they're the best of a bad/useless BUT media savvy/prominent bunch. After "Search" they haven't really got any more useful (have they ... the best way is to just 'get better' and not care that I/you knowtest, but keep me talking bout them) . They certainly raised the usability/usefulness bar which is something that corporates are stuggling to met but that was then (5 years ago) ... now? Well, I want more, I want much more ... I want it at work, I want it as the norm ... I want it better, I want it more me ...

- better
- me
... good luck Google ...


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