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Google Docs & Spreadsheets

So, Writely (online document creation and collaboration) is no more and Google roll out Google Docs & Spreadsheets bringing together documents and spreadsheets.

As I use iRows for spreadsheets I can't tell you how good that side is (although the argument to keep them separate will be interesting as I progress life online). My initial views are - nicer, cleaner and very "Google". Some have wondered where the bells and whistles are but, as a user, I don't really want them and am happy being able to create, share and publish - that's probably two extra "bells and whistles" if you're from a pure PC background.

Oh ... and did ya hear that Google bought YouTube for US$1.65bn ... crickey. I agree with the thinking that video will be the next big thing via the Web as more and more have broadband and digital TV's - it's the way of the future guys and gals.
Um, what now happens to Google Video?

And one last thingy about Google and online stuff - why is Bloggers' spellchecker so bloody awful? The one ya get with Gmail is very good (on par with the Microsoft Word spellchecker which I totally rate) so why can't they just use that one ... technical answers to them not me!