Brrr, cold as

... not really but I can't keep blogging about the darned weather can I - in fact, it's meant to be the hottest day in the UK since records began. I'm writing this mid-morning and it's really kicking off.

The new mobile is getting filled up with contacts - if you wanna txt me then I can add you in as well. Whilst it's not quite as flash as the last one it's doing the job and I'm more impressed with O2 then I was with Vodafone.

Job situation - nothing really. Liz and I had an epiphany yesterday that all the contact and connections I am making are London based and not a lot of use to us as we're really over here for the family and not the £££s - maybe later on we would move more SE but for now we need to concentrate on SE Wales and the SW of England.

I am/have called the following so far:
Comments on these and recommendations for others are gratefully received.
I'm also gonna leave those that are focused on London and the SE ... BUT keep my up-to-date CV with them as you just never know.

We have composed a Plan B if it all doesn't work out ...

The kids seem to be getting better, Jack is settling in more and we must remember that it's less than a week since our arrival. The lack of money is our driving force and most certainly put the pressure on the job hunting - thank goodness for parents to look after us ... mind you, without them being here woe wouldn't be here at all :-)

We've had some good times wandering around Monmouth which Liz thinks is very cute. Once we have cooler temperatures we'll be able to get into our red car and go exploring the countryside. Also, it just happens that my best mate (Rob) is down with his family this weekend and so that's definitely something to look forward to - wicked!!

We have actually managed to do the following:
  • Buy a new mobile
  • Get Liz insured for the car
  • Get Liz, Jack and Meg registered at the local doctors (NHS numbers on the way)
  • Get orientated in Monmouth and Wyesham
  • Get all the bumpf needed to claim for the lost camera
  • Get in touch with 2-3 agencies


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