The world is crazy and sometimes I'm am glad of it

The world is full of mad people (generally white, male and Christian but not always - Osama etc)) trying to end it all for us, scam us out of our money/freedom/homes (or all three) and generally being beastly to the good and fine people of this planet. But sometimes that madness is put to good deeds such as science, exploration and entertainment with mad people all over the world endeavouring to raise a smile

These entertainers are in constant battle with those that think in beige - middle management, financiers and bureaucrats come to mind.

And sometimes the battle swings the madmen's way as those with beige decide to loosen the tie, take of the cardigan and swing their hips ... usually for 30 minutes at the works Christmas Do. Well it was one huge Christmas party in Athens last night as mad entertainers stole the show whilst a Finnish metal band won the 51st Eurovision Song Contest.

I don't really know what else to say except hearty congratulations to everyone that made this happen! I can't stop smiling. As Lordi (is that Mr Lordi?) said in the post-comp interview, "... this is also a victory of openess" - totally dude!

For more on Lordi checkout their official site - not sure I can actually go on to recommend the music but hey, if it's what you're into then they must be quite good purveyors of it!
Oh, and compare the winners (slide 1) to the UK entrant (slide 3) ... now that something that should be banned (school girls and all that ... sad)!


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