What a rugby game

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingWow, that Hurricanes game was quite something and I'm glad I made the trek across the garden to watch it. A few stunning line breaks from the Wellington boys and the tries were racking up. But, these were totally against the play and for nearly all of the game it was a case of sterling defence as the Warratahs camped in the 22 plugging away, plugging away, plugg... but getting no where.

I have to say the Warratahs weren't very good really and should have won ... HA HA HA HA, which makes it worse for them. And Wendell is rugby history. The only good I can see the Warratahs can take from the game was

AND, playing with 14 players made the win (defence) even more satisfying.

Now, here's the rub - Piri Wipu was sin-binned for something he didn't do. The ref had "committed himself" (his words) to sending off the next player for whatever offence it happened to be (the 'Canes racked up penalty after penalty in their solid defence - thank god the Warratahs didn't think of kicking any of them, duuuh!). Someone had done something the ref didn't like (I no longer talk about the rugby rule book, it's merely a guide) and told Rodney (captain) that he's yellow card the next player. It happened to be Piri for a high tackle (a definite penalty) and off he went ... for being the straw that broke the camels back. Now, he'd been out of the penalty count up until that moment but got sent off. DUMB LAW!

See (on TV for me) the Sydney-siders in Wellington next week - gonna be a cracker once again.
And the Crusaders will be playing some SA side ... little interest from me I'm afraid.

PS: I hear the FA Cup Final was quite a cracker as well, good on Liverpool ;-)


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