Weekend happenings

Flickr: Warratahs v Chiefs, Sydney Football Stadium (2001)Not that the weekend is finished but it feels like it's been a long one for me as I've been 'home alone' with the wee fella for a few days. Well, not quite true as you're never alone on the 'commune' ;-)

Liz has jetted off to Wellington with Meg for a long weekend to catch-up with her mates, say goodbye for a while and generally have a grand old time of things.
(I say "jetted" but I giggled inside as she walked over the tarmac towards the propeller equipped plane that would fly them into Wellington)

So, Jack and I have been having boy adventures since Friday morning which has included a little rugby on TV as the Hurricanes clawed their way past a battling Reds (and this all makes it an interesting final weekend), the monthly burger (once a month whether we want it or not), a ride into town on the red bus and generally hanging out and having fun. He's just organised his Gran and two cousins to go off and have a picnic in the local school grounds!

I've been enjoying the house as well - Carol has a TV in her bedroom and tends not to want to watch the SiFi/FX driven movies I hire on such occasions. Watched Dark City last night which wasn't too bad but seemed to lack a budget or some sense of 'awe'; still, a nice wee story.

I'm also on a drive to finish the last of the Flickr picture upload and have about 7 months of pictures of Jack/Meg from 2005 to go and then ... DONE! Then all I have to do is tag them properly, create some smaller sets as it can takes ages to load a page of 700+ pictures even if they are only thumbnails.

AND, finally, get the CV out into the world a little more. I've been guided and connected by some extremely helpful people already (thanks everyone) and just need to get a bit more of a groundswell of interest from people in the UK (based in Monmouth and wanting to lend us a house for 18 months as well!?!) and we'll be sorted.
I'm going to re-write a lot of it after the Summary feedback gained ... explaining what I do and more importantly how it benefits organisations needs to be crystal clear and not so waffly. It's hard to be so cutting edge and have to explain the problem as well as the solution ... hee hee. Of course, most get it once they relate it to their own situation, everyone is overloaded by information and needs to cut through the crap to get to the real deal and make better decisions.

My brother is IM'ing me (I love meebo) and getting my views on hotels for the wedding in Stockholm. With all the angst about finding a job (it will happen, put those positive thoughts out there people ... better still, link to my CV) and somewhere to live (free/cheap yet awesome and very Vicar of Dibley) it's very VERY cool to have the wedding as a break and holiday and event a mere month after we arrive.

And finally - I don't want to return to Wellington and find them gone, it's all about living life and hope it all works out for you!


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