Red-and-black Day my yellow arse

My place of work* is having a Red-and-Black Day this Friday in support of the "local boys". Those that dress up can email their names off to be in a draw for some game tickets.

I have options. I can forget the whole thing completely, treat it like I treated last Friday (a nothing day as far as I can remember). With a touch of the flu-type thing that's a distinct possibility as the energy levels are low (I blame global warming ... or this Governments lack of investment ... or something).

I could go the complete opposite and paint myself head-to-just-below-head in yellow, wear a yellow wig, a suitable top and shout the oppositions chant all day (but I won't as it's bloody awful). I then enter the competition (I see no evidence of how they will actually verify I am in the prescribed colours), win and then not go!

I may just make a small contribution to the day by maybe putting a different wallpaper to the PC and try and ensure it's evident as people come to talk to me. As they mention I could look at it embarrassingly and say something like, "Oh, yeah, well, just trying to support the boys ... you know how it is".

I think I'll make the decision on the day (which probably rules out the painting from head-to... as I just won't be prepared enough). I will get into the spirit of it and try and be as annoying as possible to all local fans - just haven't figured out how ...

Oh, and no, I'm not going to the game despite offers of a ticket - I can't be arsed to be honest and have other things to do.

Once the game is finished I will enter a virtual rugby desert down here in Christchurch until the revamped NPC kicks off later this year. The international season here is treated much like it is all over England - something that just gets in the way of Canterbury rugby. I am glad it's not like that anywhere else in NZ.

*Christchurch City Council ... I s'pose it's only right and proper they do something.


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