If ya blind then life online is probably something you can't use

There is an accessibility issue with "Web 2.0" sites such as Gmail and probably everything that I use to live my life online. Basically it's a very visual and mouse driven environment. If you have issues seeing or can't use a mouse then these sites are gonna cause you major issues.

So what! Well, that was my initial response to Greg this lunch time when he told me ... but I have learnt a few thing over my time and one is that if we go the extra mile to make anything (Web sites, building entrances, lifts/elevators ...) work for everyone then the final product is generally much easier for everyone.

Examples: with ramps for wheelchairs next to steps I find myself using the ramp, it's easier. With [alt] tags being used for images on Website I find myself scanning pages as they load and being able to decide whether I stay or go.

The article Greg referred to me is: Computerworld: Accessibility Issue Comes to a Head


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