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How to run a paper plane competition

Flickr: Paperdart GameAll those print outs you generate with your monthly reports, your team minutes and your CV updates - don't throw them away without using them one last time. Save them up and, at the end of a furious office-based working wee, have a a paper plane ("paper dart") competition.

How to play
  1. Give everyone two pieces of pre-loved printer paper
    (Note bold text will make the paper heavier, be aware)
  2. Give everyone 5 minutes to fold their plane; remember to put your name/logo on it
    (see below for guide)
  3. Decide if the winner is:
    • The longest in the air
    • The furthest from the take-off line
  4. Line everyone up
  5. Throw the planes
  6. Tell everyone that was a practice run
  7. Give everyone 2 minutes to fold their plane
    (see below for guide)
  8. Swap the winner to be the other:
    • The longest in the air
    • The furthest from the take-off line
  9. Line everyone up
  10. Get everyone to swap planes with someone else
  11. Throw the planes
  12. Proudly announce the winner and hand over the prize

How to make a paper plane


Other guides:

Thanks to jamjar for the inspirational photo